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Your 2020 tuition tax document is now available online via TDev (student portal). The tax document link is located on the left side of the home page, under Resources. The document is secured with a PASSCODE and is referenced in the email notification you received.

If you desire a paper copy of your Form 1098-T be mailed to you, you may request a copy by sending an email to tcsjadmissions@sjcoe.net. Please make sure to include your name and student identification number in the body of the email request. The paper 1098-T form will only be mailed to the address currently on file at the time of the request.

Teachers College of San Joaquin’s sole responsibility regarding the American Opportunity Credit and Lifetime Learning Credit is to furnish a 1098-T form to students who have incurred qualified tuition and related expenses and report the corresponding amount paid in the reporting calendar year. TCSJ is not responsible for, and is prohibited from, giving tax advice.

** As of June 5th, 2020, please use your TCSJ email address as your username for the Tdev login. Your customized password will remain the same. If you cannot remember your password, please use the "Forgot Username/Password" link. Email tcsjadmissions@sjcoe.net for additional help. **