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NEW FORM FOR M.Ed. STUDENTS-PETITION TO GRADUATE: If you expect to fulfill graduation requirements during the 2018-19 academic year, you are required to submit the "Petition to Graduate Form" to the TCSJ Graduate Studies office. You may participate in the June Commencement Ceremony if you complete and present your Masters Project by August 15th (Form submission deadline for June's graduation ceremony: February 15th). VISIT THE TCSJ WEBSITE TO ACCESS THE FORM -> Student Services -> Schedules and Forms

CPR requirement for year-two intern teachers: The CPR training must cover Adult, Child, and Infant (or Adult Pediatric CPR) and must include a face-to-face component; must meet the criteria of the American Heart Association or the American Red Cross. Please bring in your original card/certificate to the Admissions Office. A copy of the original card will be made for your file. Interns: Monthly TCSJ CPR classes will not be offered until after the holidays. Questions? Contact Maryanne Friend at mfriend@sjcoe.net.